What is AIP / Al-Sharq Impact Platform?

AIP / Al Sharq Impact Platform is a space where transformational ideas and purpose-driven initiators are brought together with the necessary resources to address key challenges that the world is facing.

The platform aims to support and empower civil society focused initiatives and innovations that address regional and local challenges, helping to actualize and amplify their impact.

What type of projects and initiatives does AIP support?
  1.  The project needs to be unconventional, and answers the question ‘’How might we’’ in an effective way. In the 2020/2021 AIP cycle will focus on six major challenges grouped under three areas. 
  2. Solidarity 
  3. Dialogue
  4. Accountability
  5. Governance
  6. Agency
  7. Empowerment
How can Al-Sharq Impact platform help my initiative?

Impact platform provides tailored support mechanisms to support civil society initiatives and projects, through four main types: human resources, knowledge resources, network resources, and financial resources. 

AIP supports initiatives with human resources like volunteers and mentors, knowledge resources and relevant know-how about problem-solving, ideation, planning, and implementation through online learning engagement and offline workshops. AIP supports initiatives with network resources like facilitation of building connections with relevant organizations and financial resources through internal and external funding facilitation for promising projects through internal special ASY seed-grants, facilitating grant matching, or support in crowdfunding campaigns.

Does Al-Sharq Impact platform provide financial support to projects?

After the finalization of the selection process 20 projects will get focused support. The selected projects will be eligible to apply for Al Sharq Youth grants and can start launching a crowdfunding campaign supported by the AIP. In the 2020-21 cycle, funding will be up to 4,000 USD per project. 

In addition, AIP may facilitate matchmaking between supported projects and other granting institutions.

How many projects does AIP aim to provide support for?

In the first cycle, the platform aims to provide general support for at least 40   projects, and focused support to at least 20 high impact special projects.

What is the timeline for the 2020-21 cycle?


  • Platform digital marketing campaign & Online application period:


24th August to 24th September 2020


  • Interviewing and shortlisting successful applicants:


25th September to 25th October 2020


  • Announcing the final supported projects:


26th October 2020


  • Al Sharq Impact Platform 8-month support program:


27th October 2020 to 27th June 2021


  • Successful initiatives exhibition at Al Sharq Youth International Conference:


June 2021

What initiatives are eligible for focused-support?

Impact platform empowers civil society & impact-driven initiatives that tackle 2020/2021 cycle theme challenges & meet AIP selection criteria.

Can I submit more than one project?

No, Applicants can submit only one project under their name.

Is the program open for all nationalities?


Who are the targeted applicants of AIP?

We are looking for proactive youth (individuals/teams) who are working to change their local reality by establishing civil society initiatives and projects that create social impact. The applicants should demonstrate the commitment and capacity needed to implement the project to completion. For that reason, it is preferred that the applicant has proven experience in the field of his project, or has a deep understanding of the context for the proposed solution. Applicants should also demonstrate a willingness to accept coaching and be receptive to feedback and advice. 

Can I apply as an individual without a team?

AIP will support initiative with multiple resources including human resources. Thus, it’s preferable to have your own team while applying to AIP, however you can build a team of volunteers through our platform.

Which countries will be preferred during evaluation?

AIP prioritize the following countries where civil societies are facing compound and ‘

interconnected challenges.











How can I contact AIP?

Email us at youth@sharqforum.org  or visit Contact Us

How can I apply for Impact Platform?

You can apply your initiative by registering at http://impact.sharqforum.org/initiative-registration/


How to apply to AIP?

You need to submit it through our online application by following these steps:

  1. Register at the platform
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Fill the application
Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee.

What are the selection criteria of the initiatives?

Al Sharq impact platform selection criteria for incubated projects are :


About the idea/solution

  1. Relevance to the theme: The idea/project is an innovative response to the theme 8 challenges determined by the platform.
  2. Human-centric: A human centric solution by demonstrating an understanding of the needs of intended beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  3. Technology: It is encouraged that the solution utilizes digital technology if possible.
  4. Novelty: the solution to a new approach to a problem or use an existing approach in a new way.
  5. Relevance to capabilities: project/idea is related to the core competencies of the candidate.


About the team

  1. Coachability: The project team is expected to improve in response to feedback and advice, scale what’s working to change what is not.
  2. Awareness: The project team demonstrates a deep understanding of the context for the proposed solution.
  3. Commitment: Strong and qualified team willing to commit to the project.
  4. Experience: It is preferred that the project lead and his team have proven experience in his idea/project field/sector.
  5. Team based project: Preferably that the idea/project is submitted and implemented by a team (at least 2 people) not individual.


About the impact

  1. Cost effective: A project that would benefit from the various levels of funding and support offered.
  2. Scalability: A project that can be scaled and replicated in different contexts.
  3. Sustainability: Preference would be for projects with potential for continuity beyond the grant and support period.
  4. Social impact: The social impact of the project needs to be evident and significant.
  5. Measurable: Initiative/Project impact should be tangible & measurable.
If my application is rejected, can I apply again?

If your application is rejected, you can apply for the next cohort.

If accepted, can I receive funding from outside sources along with funding from AIP?

Yes, you can have your own funding sources. 

Will I still hold ownership of my project at the end of the program?

Yes, you are the owner of the project. AIP will support you to build it.