13 Omar Ibn alkhattab street, Jabal Amman, Jordan



Fields of Interest in public affairs

Work Experience

I am the Founding Partner and CEO of Shams Community, a social enterprise based in Amman, Jordan which works to empower and connect individuals to create safe spaces for collective learning, dialogue, and social change. I oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization, lead the management team, co-create our strategy, and ensure implementation of all projects. As a small organization, we all work collectively to bring our mission to life. This involves connecting and partnering with people and organizations from all over the world, building and developing curriculums for training youth to become dialogue facilitators and hosts, developing our business strategy and branding, and even cooking food and preparing topics and questions on social issues for our dialogue events.

Previous public affairs and volunteering contributions

My most important experience in public affairs thus far has been with Shams Community. From running Shams Community, being involved in many community and cross-cultural dialogues, bringing people together from all different backgrounds, to learning about social issues, creating awareness, and to seeing new perspectives, I have gained so many experiences that have shaped who I am today. My experience has given me more understanding of the complexity of the social issues that our community faces. I’ve been exposed to so many different social problems that can all be addressed through some form of dialogue, so I have gained incredible experience in community-building and bridging the gap between cultures as a result. I’ve learned to mediate between different groups at the local and global levels. All of my experiences have made me more passionate to create impact in the community and to empower more individuals around the globe to enact social change.